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This movie is on HBO right now and it is totally insane. Charlize Theron is married to Johnny Depp and they both have pretty much the same haircut. Charlize looks terrible and is doing basically a really depressed version of her character from "Devil's Advocate." Their last name is Armacost, I'm still trying to figure out what I suspect is the deep meaning intended behind it. Pregnant Charlize salsa dances around her apartment, alone, while spraying whipped cream in her mouth. It's one jump scare after another, and not a single one of them lands. Charlize tries to give herself an abortion. "It was the warmth of your vagina" is a line Johnny Depp actually says.


The protagonist is a radio.


This. Movie. Is. Nuts.

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This was regarded as the worst thing Johnny Depp ever did until The Tourist, then The Lone Ranger, then Transcendence, then Mortdecai, then Alice Through the Looking Glass, you get the rest.

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