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Bob Ducca! Live!

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I went to a live WTF with Marc Maron taping earlier tonight, at which Seth Morris appeared as Bob Ducca, dressed in character. When Marc first announced that Seth would be appearing as Bob, I worried whatever look he'd have would kill the mental image I had of good ol' Bob. However, once he came out, complete with several casts, various braces, bloody socks, sprayed-white hair, a wonderfully large mustache and clothing that screamed 'repeatedly divorced,' all worries dissolved. His appearance really worked well (providing a bit of prop humor for Morris to spring from), and his performance was, as always, completely hilarious. I've heard he's done live appearances before, and I was wondering how other people view Morris' choices in this matter (especially considering his own opinions on the subject, as expressed in his Wolf Den appearance in Episode 2).

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