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I would love to hear you two pit these films together. For me, they perfectly encapsulate the contrast in being a tourist in Japan (or anywhere, really) and actually living the "gaijin experience." I particularly think Amy will have some great insight having lived in Japan for a time.


As a former U.S. expat living and working abroad in Ibaraki prefecture just north of Tokyo, I had two distinct experiences with these films. Having seen Sofia Coppola's LOST IN TRANSLATION years before ever setting foot outside North America, the film filled my young mind with the dream that is metro Japan. After having "lived the dream" for half a decade, I then discovered Fran Rubel Kuzui's TOKYO POP and was blown away by its subtle authenticity of emotion that comes with trying to assimilate into a wholly alien culture.


For obvious reasons, I have real problems revisiting LOST IN TRANSLATION now, and TOKYO POP has become one of my all-time favorite films. You might have some trouble tracking down a copy of the latter, but I really think the effort will be worth it.


Thanks a bunch. Love the show.

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