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A humble introduction to the HH Classics

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Hello and watupwatup to a podcast that truly doesn't need an introduction. Hollywood Handbook is a podcast that features 2 of Hollywood's most beloved actors/writers/producers/storytellers having mostly conversations about their craft, the big city of Hollywood, that's really just a small town, and, really, about us. And them. And maybe even about certain carpets in certain hallways. --Hey you!, long-time-listener!, you weren't supposed to be here and read this! Oh, ok, come in and stay and warm yourself on these sweet precious memories. For you, and all the new guys and gals, I have compiled my thoughts into a kind of sacred list, a list of episodes that stuck and still stick with me after listening to them once or twice. You might say the list itself is "sticky"... but don't be afraid, or grossed out - just come in, put your gloves on, and cool yourself off with these cool Hollywood Handbook episodes!


004 Pally

A confrontational approach that worked very well with the boys. They were scolded, set straight and ridiculed for their views and they took it like the two unflappable Hollywood-diplomats that they are.


055 Duke

Low-key, effortless, a guest who played along masterfully, broke in all the right places and occasionally even rose to the occasion. Like a true Scotsman or nobleman.


066 PFT

The king of the podrealm appearing as the infamous himself. The boys love a good game, so they learn it from this master of games. It's called "Riddle me This", and even if at the end of day I wouldn't play it, the fact that they even tried speaks a lot to why we love this friggin' show in the first place. 5/5 for bravery. Give those boys the Purple Heart! Thanks Obama!


073 Gilmore Boys

Before Nolan made a mockery out of high-concept, science-infused mumbo-jumbo, there was this episode, the true Memento of podcasts. The boys and their guests wander of the beaten path to forge farther and deeper into the jungle of the past, visiting other podcasts feat. Sean and Hayes in the process, and maybe even letting the heat get to them a little. Warning: Sean and Hayes show their nasty sides in this one. And it ain't pretty mean, but it almost is at some points. Just brave through it and you'll be handsomely rewarded, young pod-awan. You will be, yes, will be.


074 Kumail

Not a day goes by where I don't laugh. And thanks to this episode someitmes it's even more than once. Which is paradoxical because in this one the boys are in quite a pickle with a videogame project and I usually hate to see my dawgs be in a pickle. On the other hand, I do like seeing, by which I mean listening, my dawgs getting OUT of a pickle, so I guess that's fun. I'm not afraid to speak the truth. Anyway, this is *the* episode for all the gamerheads out there, if you catch my meaning.


085 Hines

A loving memorandum for the remembrance of a dear friend we all shared on evening television and perhaps in our hearts or when we sleep. The boys called Sean and Hayes and one Will Hines dissect he one and only David "ABC" Letterman their hot loving memory-scalpels and very warm thought-embraces. Feat. a guest appearance by "The Wild Horses" all female,all comedy ensemble. If you want to learn how to tell a story like a true Bergman, or even Scorsese, listen to this podcast.




098 John Cochran (SCARY WARNING)

The Ex-Survivor-Winner finally reached his peak by appearing a second time on a very nice and popular podcast. He discusses his mother and her connection to all things made out of bone. A deep dive into the depths of a madman's mind.


107 Brandon Content

A classic episode featuring a classic character - before the myth outgrew the man. Biting commentary on iPhone charging, hospital coma-policies and classic Eddie Murphy albums. Or are they classic even? Hey - they didn't tell me they weren't! Featuring Joe "Soup-man" Wengert as himself, talking to a trashcan. And Paul F. Tompkins.


115 Pierson, Morris

Who the hell is that second guy?, you ask. Well, it's enginner Brett, and he lives in a shitshow of a house apparently. Hayes and D.C. Pierson (no Sean) (sic) pretend to be his friends and step in to help poor Brett make his house look nicer. But really, it's for anyone interested in modern, 21st-century popular and cool lifestyle choices. There's advice about what to put on your coffee-table, what to NOT put in your man-cave and what to eat and even what to say. So let me follow my own advice and say this: Only the best, baby.


116 Casey, Dierkes, Rogers

A controversial episode about the state of the film industry today and, let's face it - tomorrow. Hayes calls in this time to help his boy Sean and his guests out with workshopping ideas for a big Hollywood movie project. Things get heated when Dominic Dierkes ®, born in Massachussets on the 23. of July 1967, currently residing somewhere probably in America, takes off his soft, boyishly good-looking facemask and, feeling safe amongst "peers", reveals the disgusting face of racism underneath it. A true and possibly breath-taking testament to the interviewing-skills of one Sean Clements.



So I hope you're satisfied and are still sitting or lying down comfortably where you were before. Listening on the go is for gophers, am I right? As a long time lurker I wanted to give something back, in my own very humble way, to the community who provided me with so many nice posts. I hope it wasn't too long or too short, so let me know what you think and why don't you man up and do it on the forums.


So long,



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Remind me again, RanRan, which episodes were you on again? Because I seem to recall you popping up here and there, maybe through a telephone?, on an episode that is prominently absent from my list. That must have hurt.


The point is, it's my fault, I was drunk, just plain wasted - and wrong - and it will never happen again. And, naturally I understand if you want to report me to the admins or call Adam Sachs. Just please don't tell Sean or Hayes, or I'll be finished in this town. I am at your mercy.


If I am misremembering you being on an episode please tell Adam Sachs to delete this post.

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A disturbing lack of Sinbad imo

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091 Tom Sharpling,

061 Pauly Shore,

026 Jason Mantzoukas


Obviously every episode is worth listening to.

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