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Comic Sequel Showdown - Spider-Man 2 vs. The Dark Knight

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Two of arguably the most well regarded comic-book sequels ever and enough time as probably passed to talk about whether or not one of these could comfortably go into the Canon. I have a feeling I know the outcome already but still think it would be an interesting discussion.


I recently revisited Spider-Man 2 and firmly believe itโ€™s not only the best comic sequel ever made but makes a strong case at being the best comic based film so far. It truly feels like a comic-book come to life. The whole thing has a great fun spirit, some terrific action (That clock tower / train sequence is an all timer), and a real heart that just keeps it together the entire running time.


Keep up the great work Amy and Devin. I very much look forward each week to a new episode. Intelligent film discussion makes a long commute that much easier.

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