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Improv Podcast Stigma?

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Hey if you're on Earwolf you must like improv podcasts-- I have one that improvises character interviews off of real news headlines. This isn't a plug, I'm not gonna post the show name or anything, I just want some thoughts on promoting it.



I feel like many people don't like improv, or at least think less of things described as improv than things described as comedy-- Do you think having improv in the name or description would hurt a podcast in growing listenership?


Comedy Bang Bang and Holllywood Handbook, for example, are both obviously improv but neither one broadcasts that fact anywhere. They just say comedy. Improv4Humans and Spontaneanation obviously go the other way.


Any thoughts?

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Your apprehension with using the word "improv" is justified. The stigma is real.


The truth is, people who are comedy heads are unlikely to be deterred by the word "improv"; if they like the description and think the premise is funny, they'll check it out regardless. People who are casual comedy fans, on the other hand, are more likely to see "improv" and think "Oh, so it's Whose Line Is It Anyway: The Podcast." It may put up an extra barrier you don't want.


It's high risk, no reward. I say leave it out.


Good luck, and you should post the name of your show. The premise sounds funny and I'm sure others would also like to check it out.

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heres the thing about improv. if i dont know anyone who is in it there is no shot i am going to listen to it, so what can happen is say youll listen to all the comedy bang bang episodes with your favorite comedian THEN you might decide to try other episodes.


i think that there is not shot anyone will listen to you small improv podcast unless you have some super famous guests. i would say that this is one of the only categories with problem (along with interview based shows) whereas all those stupid movie watching or true crime shows just need an interesting crime or movie to get listeners.

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