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I think Bridesmaids is worthy of discussion for the Canon (and should be voted in as well).


Historical importance: this is the film that really revved up the discussion about women representation in comedy. It was critically acclaimed, nominated for two Oscars (rare for a women-led comedy) and a major box office success. Bridesmaids' success really solidified not only the power of women audience members at the box office, but also cross-gender appeal.


The film's merits: The biggest argument against Bridesmaids is that on a technical level, its visuals are a little flat Kristen Wiig is truly amazing in this movie; she has the rare ability to have a mental breakdown and make it funny, without losing the pathos. Rose Bryne and Melissa McCarthy got national attention. The movie is emotionally rich, telling a too rare love story about female friendships and rivalries.

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