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I will be in the general vicinity of NYC from August 20-27th and was wondering if anyone knows of any worthwhile comedy events to check out during that time.
I am not at all familiar with where one might go for comedies, nor am I omniscient, sadly. So suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Todd, you can use the "On Tour" page on Earwolf to search for shows by city or zip code. I know Earwolf will be adding some new dates to that section very soon, as some volunteers are currently compiling them. Also, as was mentioned on some recent episodes, repeat Earwolf guest James Adomian just moved to NYC. Maybe he'll have some August gigs up there? Have fun in the Big Apple!

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Also, Todd, you kind of can't go wrong with the UCB. It's cheap and it's some of the best performers in the state.
And yes, as Julia mentioned, there is always On Tour.

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