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Thanks for your consideration :)

This is a plugs theme pastiche of A Tribe Called Quest's "Buggin' Out"

Length: 45 seconds


Pluggin' Out


By Japhy Francis (ft Piccolo Pupp)


Pluggin' out, plugging' out

Pluggin' out, ya plugging' out


Yo it's plug time

Guests gonna tell us 'bout their show

Or a book, or a film, maybe a website

We don't know


Until they break it down

and provide us with the deets

Then we can check their work

and say, mmm that's kinda neat


So cut to the chase

Describe your next appearance

Do it post haste

Eliminate all interference


CBB is the platform

Your stage, if you will

Hit your mark, know your lines

Do these plugs then we can chill

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