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A (Hopefully) Complete List of UTU2TM Sub-Podcasts

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Hey y'all! I've compiled a list of EVERY UTU2TM Sub-Podcast, including one that was actually created on an ep of CBB, and two that Scott or Scott had proposed, but didn't actually "open up". There are 39 of them.


The list is maintained at https://gist.github....b77dc06450140b2. Feel free to add to it if I've missed anything, or if you'd like to add the episodes they appear in or other metadata. Enjoy!

  1. I Love Films
  2. I Love I Love Films
  3. I Love I Love I Love Films
  4. I Love Popcorn
  5. Talkin' 'bout Money
  6. Talkin' 'bout Turtle
  7. Blue Turtlin'
  8. Adam Singin' Adam
  9. D'jucation
  10. Total Silence
  11. All About Houses
  12. In Utero
  13. Good Drummers
  14. Great Bits
  15. Let's Be Frank
  16. You Poppin' My Stones?
  17. What's Your Fuck Style?
  18. What's Your Deductible, Bro?
  19. When Do You Get There, Bro?
  20. (Will You) Give Me Your Crumbs?
  21. Who Cares?
  22. 2's Clues
  23. Sick Burn
  24. Sideburns
  25. Mr. Burns
  26. The Legalese of Film Making
  27. Legal Eagles
  28. Stained Glass
  29. S'News
  30. Science Bros
  31. That's Why I Like It
  32. This is How I Talk When I Talk About Cuisine
  33. The Other Side of the Mississippi
  34. I've Never Been (w/ Kevin & Bean)
  35. People Get Confused
  36. Poppin' Broccoli
  37. U Talkin' Tattoo U To Me? (Proposed only)
  38. Diff'renchen (Proprosed only)
  39. Beardy Does It (Created on CBB Podcast)

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UPDATE: I forgot about these classics!

  • The Almighty Dollar
  • The Almighty Daughter
  • Zero Minies

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  • Beardy Does It (Created on Episode #403 (This Ainโ€™t Now, This is Then) of CBB Podcast)
  • Gettin' Real (Created on Episode #443 (This is Your Boy Troy) of CBB Podcast)

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Small Lawns

R U Talkin' REM RE: Me?

Arie's Colon (Arie's Butthole)

U Talkin U2 To Me?

Talkin' About Acting

Talkin' About Trees

Let' Go through the Trees

Talkin' About Eyes

Different Timelines (Talkin' About Other Timelines)

Vuh Talkin' VH 2 Me?

That Sounds Like One of my Favourite Books

I Love Film

I Love I Love Film

Requests 4 Guests

Talkin' About Me

Nose to the Grind Stonin' and/or Rockin' and Rollin'

Yeah Right

It's Been a Whake

Is This an Episode

There's Always Time for Impressions

Text Mext

Talkin' About Jazz

Sweet Tweets

Glasses Bits

How's Your Baby

Sheen Theories

It Crawled

Bro, I'm Comf'

Youie Talkie Hewie Twoie Me

What's Your Kiss Style?

Like My Wallet

Money Clip Train

Not My Show

You're Being Fucking Rude

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