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Allen Gregory

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Whatup whatup!


Been a lurker for a long while and finally have reason to post!


I’ll skip to the point, I have all of Allen Gregory downloaded and would be happy to provide Sean and Hayes with copies if they’d like!


For those that haven’t seen the show I guess this could also happen too, obviously I’m not going to post a link but drop me a message and I can try to sort something out.


The show was really funny, I never understood it’s cancelling. The love triangle between Allen Gregory, his Headmistress and her husband the Councillor is fantastic. I would definitely recommend it, although it sounds as if it’s somewhat hard to find.


You guys still doing that pro version?

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The pro version is ever present, all knowing, all understanding. The pro version is a metaphor, in much the same way as the transformation of the caterpillar through the chrysalis into a butterfly is a metaphor; it is representative of the version of yourself who is a pro. Pro at what you ask? My dear boy, if you have to ask, you haven't earned it.


But I might be interested in those sweet Allan Gregories, if you've got a spare

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Beginner (naive, stupid): "The Pro version...I'd like to receive the pro version"

Intermediate (knowledgeable, wary): "The pro version...sometimes I don't think they care about it. Maybe they never did"

Advanced (wise): "The Pro version"

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