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Episode 34 — Trestles Made of Yestles

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Poetry is one of the most empowering and successful methods of communication. Today's poem, Trestles Made of Yestles, dips its metaphorical toe into the tides of communication and will hopefully wash over you with a wave of positivity on the sandy shores of life.

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thanks bob, i just realized i've been tying myself in ropes of nopes!

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I nearly fell out of my chair at the phrase "I agroons."

As a senior without access to Life Alert, such a fall would have been unfortunate, and damaged much more than my pride. Equilibrium may have prevailed in my case, but I no longer feel safe recommending The Bob Ducca Self-Reflection Radio Hour to listeners over the age of 65 unless given a guarantee from Mr. Ducca that he will take the physical and mental well-being of the show's listeners into account when constructing his sentences.


With sincere appreciation,

"Grandpa" Llarold Handinpants

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