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DBOX - Any Experience With It?

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I found it very interesting to hear in the The Blair Witch episode that the film makers are in involved in designing how the shaky DBOX seats work, as one of the things I've thought ever since I saw they were installed in my local cinema, was that it would just be some people somewhere who who decide when and how hard it shakes, that it's not something that was designed as part of the film.


Simon Barrett's comments that they were involved makes me intrigued to actually try it for once. Has anyone else tried it before and have any opinions on it?

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I've been dying to try them since hearing multiple guests on Doug Loves Movies gush about it. It seems like it'd perfectly complement something like Fast & Furious, but it's really interesting to hear how involved the Blair Witch director was. I'm curious, too.

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I watched Captain America: Civil War in a 4DX theater in Chicago. Pretty sure 4DX is practically the same thing, but they pump in scents and smoke and blow air on you too.


It's neat, and it's worth trying once, but I think I was a little distracted by it. Civil War might not have been the best movie to try this with. I was actually trying to pay attention to what was going on in the plot, and suddenly my seat starts jerking me around, lights are flashing at me and giant fans are blowing air on me. I never could tell what the scents were supposed to smell like. Once when Spider-Man shot his webs a little tickler thing started flapping around between my ankles. I thought that was kind of cool, but did that really compliment what was happening on screen? I honestly didn't feel like I'd seen the movie properly until it came out on video recently.


So maybe if it's programmed better. Maybe it works better with horror movies or movies you just want to veg out too. Knowing the Blair Witch guys were heavily involved in the DBOX programming does make me interested, but I haven't a clue where I could even find one of those.


The ticket is expensive, like 20 bucks, and I found it to be the opposite of immersive, but I still think it's something everyone should try out in case they don't exist in a few years. It will shake your tits off.

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