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Knock-Out Suggestions

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I'd kick about a fourth of the movies out, but I realize that I don't share the same taste as other people. I try to remember that it's about having an interesting hour-long podcast, not about whether the movies are worthy. :D


Animal House is particularly galling for me. Versus episodes need a "neither" option.


That might be "sliiiightly" disingenuous. Devin and Amy would certainly protest the notion the Canon is less about qualifying films as "worthy" and more about having an "interesting hour-long podcast." It's a midge condescending there, Susan, regardless of your own taste in cinema.

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An updated tally:


Working Girl 9

Cannibal Holocaust 8

Re-Animator, Pennies from Heaven, Chi-Raq 7

Clerks 5

2 Lane Blacktop, Usual Suspects 4

Slacker, Anti-Christ, Animal House, Boyz N The Hood 3


I think Working Girl v. Cannibal Holocaust would be a really upsetting episode, but I think it's the one we all deserve. Kind of the apotheosis of the Canon's listenership (at least those who post on the message boards).

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