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Beverly Hills Cop vs Lethal Weapon

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Hi everyone


so my suggestion suggestion for another vs episode would be


Beverly Hills Cop (as of Sep 20, 2016 available on Netflix)




Lethal Weapon (as of Sep 20, 2016 available on Netflix)


Both are quintessential 80s LA cop movies / action films and the Canon should have one of those. And even if they are not Oscar candidates they did both make it on the nominations list for the AFI 100.

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LW vs. 48 Hrs would be amazing. The best buddy cop films ever made pitted against each other.


Beverly Hills Cop vs. Trading Places would be great to hear.


Or better yet, Coming to America vs. Trading Places for best Murphy comedy of all time.

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48 Hrs always felt like a film with one foot firmly planted in the gritty 70s. Beverly Hills Cop, on the other hand, is a classic star-making turn (#1 at the box office in 1984, it even beat out Ghostbusters), brimming with so much 1980s LA, right as that scene was about to take over the cultural zeitgeist.


Lethal Weapon was a comparable star-making vehicle for Gibson (yes, yes, Mad Max, and Eddie had SNL, but neither made them legit American movie stars, the highest pinnacle in all the land). Sure, LW is a lot darker, but Shane Black keeps it fun, Danny Glover is still the iconic ready-to-retire cop, and Gibson...


Remember when Gibson was cool? And uncomplicated? Also, that hair. That's like 1987 in a nutshell.


Really, any of these three could be put up with each other (or maybe we could have a super-groovy threesome ;)) for the best 80s buddy cop film. Yes, Beverly Hills Cop is a buddy cop film. Axel represents one cop (if not every blue-collar burg) while the whole BHPD stands in for the other. The whole movie is a study in contrasts.


Trading Places and Coming to America keep getting mentioned over and over and over and over. I really don't know what's taking Devin and Amy so long, unless they've both chatted it over and realized that both would go hard for Coming to America, as they should, and thus that the episode wouldn't be the best.

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