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So yesterday I finally got my copy of "My Year of Flops", because my love for bad movies runs deep you guys and I was flipping through it to see what was covered. While there were many movies in there that would qualify, there was one movie so bad and insane my brain tried to block out the memory of it: It's All About Love (2003), a forgotten crapsterpiece. It has Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes (who reportedly cried when she saw the final result) in crazy Polish accents, floating people who have to be tethered to Earth, clones, people dropping dead, the world is freezing over, it is insane. I watched both The Last Airbender and Old Dogs and those feel like straightforward stories compared to this hot mess. Wikipedia does not have a plot synopsis, because it is impossible to pu into words. The most bizarre part is how a movie this far out is so boring. Please review this movie.

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Between weird clones, insane gravity, a non existent plot and an unsatisfying ending, this films is just weird and stilted.

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