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The whole premise of this movie from the opening scene is that Johnny Utah is a motocross biker (or whatever) and his friend dies because he overshot a jump, so seven years later Utah is...in the FBI? Does not compute. There are a bunch of steps in between those two events that we needed to be clued in on.


It's a bunch of dead eyed actors and stuntmen covered in super fake tattoos, the music/score is so distracting, and there is so much ADR, but I still had to turn on subtitles because I could not understand a word Edgar Ramirez was saying. My favorite moment was when Johnny Utah called someone a funny asshole.


This movie did not need to be remade, it was such a perfectly 90's movie and they ruined it. The names made sense in 1991, but Johnny Utah and Bodhi are so eye-roll-worthy in 2015.


Also, it was directed by a guy named Ericson Core.

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