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Episode 259 - Millenial Falcon: Live from LA Podfest

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Live from the LA Podfest, Ian Roberts, Sean Clements, Jessica McKenna, and Zach Reino join Matt Besser to find out how hairy you have to be to soak up all the water in the pool. An IRS scam call inspires a scene about overly personal government notices, sound engineers deal with kickball-obsessed recording artists, and a virtual fish agency programs extremely realistic death scenarios. Finally, Eric the Paid Intern returns for street interviews that lead to scenes about a playful drug dealer and getting beaten with a boat.

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man eric hasn't changed a bit.


great ep.


Sean had me bussin up.


and shout out to Perla in the crowd, kombucha is nasty as hell

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man eric hasn't changed a bit.



His complete lack of instinct for anything resembling natural human interaction really is astounding.

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Here's the breakdown for this episode:


(4:07 - 7:47) Question for the Audience - Who has waxed their chest? - Hairy man soaks up all the water in the pool


(7:55 - 11:21) Audience Suggestion - Butterfly - Mother's beauty destroys the world around her


(11:26 - 14:57) Audience Suggestion - Lipstick - Edible make-ups


(15:02 - 23:56) Intro Story - Besser's IRS scam calls - Government issues overly personal critiques


(24:01 - 28:48) Intro Question - What was the first time you disappointed your parents? - Coming up with your own, non-specific punishments


(28:57 - 34:28) Intro Question - What would make you judge a band so harshly that you wont even listen to them? - Throwing around kickball song ideas


(34:46 - 38:40) Audience Suggestion - Rollerblades - A community that doesn't believe in skating


(38:41 - 41:50) Intro Story - Ian reads comments on Skatetown, USA - A millenial spacecrew


(43:39 - 50:28) Intro Question - Did you like your first pet? - Programming very realistic deaths for virtual fish


(50:40 - 53:27) Intro Story - Drug dealer who won't say what drugs he sells - A playful drug dealer


(53:31 - 1:03:34) Man on the Street Interview - Who are you voting for? Ever been grounded? How come you got two colored

shoes on? - Getting beaten by your father with a boat


(1:03:39 - 1:11:01) Man on the Street Interview - Who are you voting for, and why? - Ian builds a wall to keep his daughter away from that Mark kid


(1:11:17 - 1:14:44) Intro Question - Why are cats tongues made of sandpaper? - Pumpkin Spice Mary shows up during spring break


(1:16:42 - 1:20:02) Intro Question - Whats something that everybody seems to love that you cant stand? - Getting someone outside the store to buy you some cool whip


(1:19:18 - 1:21:31) Audience Suggestion - Raccoons - Contracting company blames beavers for unfinished work

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