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Chet Roivas


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In some circles, professing a sincere love for Snatch is akin to professing a love for Limp Bizkit. But I rewatched it yesterday and thought that it was genuinely excellent. The only issue with the film in my view (and it's something that could legitimately render it unworthy of discussion for some) is that Guy Richie simply cannot edit his own dialogue. There are so many terrible lines in Snatch that most hardcore cineastes I know refuse to acknowledge the film's many strengths.


Nevertheless, the thing has been in the IMDb Top 250 since it came out, it's still discussed and Guy Ritchie hasn't come anywhere close to topping it. Lock, Stock is OK, but for me it isn't as tightly constructed or joyously performed as the follow-up. I'd like to hear it discussed anyway.


Note: I can assure you that I do not care for Limp Bizkit.

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