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Episode 13 — Computers

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If you downloaded this podcast, you either own or have access to a computer. But how does it work? Is your tower full of mythical creatures who make everything work, or does it have to do with quarks and other subatomic particles? Professor Blastoff's resident researcher and computer expert Aaron Burrell joins the gang to discuss clouds and hard drives and F1 and everything else computer science entails. But don't be too scared of all the binary talk and java-script, Kyle will lay out all the facts for you with yet another of his classic riddles.

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Hey T&K&D,

Thanks again-this was a fun episode to eavesdrop on. Kyle's rhymes are always a hit, and it was great to hear David hold forth at length about his futuristic visions-and I liked that cell-phone bit, too. And watch out for Tig's angry Mom voice-scary stuff! Aaron was a great guest-his low-key, cerebral style fit in nicely down in the hatch. I was talking with an older friend of mine, and I was telling him about how I like to listen to podcasts, and he pointed out the similarity (at least as far as listener interfacing) to listening to radio broadcasts back in the day. I guess that's true, except the media is more flexible and malleable-I can stop, rewind, take it with me or send it to a friend. I guess that's my main point-I grew up without home computers, and life is not that different, but information itself is much more fluid and accessible, which is kinda awesome.


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Hi guys,
Everytime I hear Kyle's rhymes I burst out laughing at the office, Tig is great as the stern mom and maybe Dave shouldn't wear two bluetooth head sets at all times, could get kinda un-hygenic. Oh and Aaron was a fun guest.

Can I make an observation?

The episode on Evolution where you had Dr. Martin Cohen as the guest I thought was pretty great because he had a very good sense of humor about you guys just goofing around and poking fun at his explanations, it reminded me of being in class and joking with friends. What worked for me was playing it straight while letting you guys make fun.

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Does it do any good for me to pop in here and comment on how much I love this podcast? Just great stuff, I love the way you guys are really developing your voices and getting a good groove going with the callbacks and routines.

As usual, I was recommending people to listen to podcasts today, and Professor Blastoff was the first one I suggested, and then "Comedy Bang-Bang if you want more lighthearted comedy"... congrats, guys, apparently you've slipped past CBB (and Weewee) as my favorite.

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