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Episode 260 - Live from DCM Pt. 2

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Part Two of the live edition from the 2016 Del Close Marathon arrives with Gavin Spieller, Chad Carter, Tim Martin, Adam Frucci, Brian McCann, and Shannon O'Neill! They build a film set around a four hundred foot canoe, share their summer exploits on the first day of school, and celebrate a visit from Pla-Santa. Then they get some assistance from the Callback Cyborg and ask the priest to fix mom and dad's marriage before finding out what it means to major in media.

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Always love to see some NY people on the show,


chad was killing it too


great ep

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That was fucking hilarious from start to finish.

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Here's the breakdown for this episode:


(1:25 - 6:18) Audience Suggestion - Unconstitutional - Extremely passionate military novelist


(6:19 - 11:55) Lets Talk Some More About That - Why not run away from an arrow with zig zags? - Building a film scene around a four hundred foot canoe


(11:56 - 16:59) Audience Suggestion - Exploit - sharing your summer exploits on the first day of school


(17:00 - 21:44) Audience Suggestion - Ladel - Looking for the best silverware to hit your kids with


(23:57 - 30:40) Intro Story - Men in pornos know more about masturbation - Watching encouragement porn


(30:41 - 35:56) Audience Suggestion - Gerbils - The gerbils tell their basement Exodus


(35:57 - 39:14) Audience Suggestion - Placenta - A visit from PlaSanta


(39:15 - 44:13) Audience Suggestion - Trash - The garbage truck only comes once a year


(44:14 - 51:41) Audience Suggestion - Cyborg - A battle cyborg isn't quite up to the task


(51:42 - 58:20) Audience Suggestion - Disney - Classic song humming man


(58:21 - 1:05:33) Audience Suggestion - Brownie - Asking the priest to get your parents back together


(1:05:34 - 1:09:44) Intro Story - Audience member majored in media studies - Majoring in identifying media


(1:09:45 - 1:20:37) Intro Story - What are you going to be when you grow up? - Iceland must be saved by the 13 Santa Clauses

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