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Episode 28 - Nicolle Wallace on why Sarah Palin was a sign that Trump was coming

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Nicolle Wallace is a power player in Republican politics: she was communications chief for George W. Bush and a senior advisor on John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. In this episode, she talks to David about what it was like working with Sarah Palin, and what they might have gotten wrong in trying to change her public image.


Also, David Gregory does a pretty good W. impression.

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the centres of gravity has become multiple and it's funny how things change.


the channeling:


the problem with trump is not that he's tweeting in the middle of the night, it's that he's insisting on tweeting in the middle of the night. and nowadays it's so difficult because you have to respond to a tweet, not from a journalist, but from your opponent, in the middle of the night! and he's insisting on it! he took the bait and asked for more bait, more bait, do you have anymore bait? forget hook, line, and sinker, go full bait.


gregory's bush impression was so good he should have been charged with war crimes. and gregory went to iraq, so he knows that the usa is about more than building the wall. it's also about smashing the wall, and managing the public perception of smashing the wall. you could read 10 books and understand americas role in the world, and why we have these alliances. why isn't trump getting better? why doesn't he ask david petraues to brief him on the surge? pre-surge iraq. post-surge iraq. why isn't he talking to saakashvili about georga? why isn't he facetiming wile e. coyote about the road runner?


i live in new-york and my son takes the subway, so obviously i'm a security mom who believes nato plays a vital role and my vicodin and i firmly belive people are voting for trump because they're still scared about 9/11. the notion that what we do affect the behaviour of terrorists is a lie perpetrated by political correctness (and we're being nativist, not racist). nothing we did was related to 9/11 happening, and by the way, it's still all about 9/11 in case you forgot. and we need to keep lathering 9/11 both over our lame-stream media selves, and over the body politic to retard the wrinkling of skin and empire. do you think isis has a doctor in the room when they decapitate people with sporks? do you think there is botox in mordor? could you imagine the mouth of sauron co-hosting 'the view'?


i pray to iluvatar that if trump is the chemo, then i am one of the cancer cells smashed to dust.

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