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Episode 9 - Yvette Nicole Brown: Heart, Comedy, History

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Yvette Nicole Brown (The Odd Couple, Community) has been friends with Leslie Odom Jr. for over a decade. If that's not enough to make you jealous, how about the fact that she was in the audience for Hamilton's opening night on Broadway? She tells Travon why the show made her want to learn more about rap and why she admires Angelica's strength of character. Plus, you really don't want to miss Yvette singing along to "Alexander Hamilton." Take note, Hamilheads: our next episode will drop on Tuesday, October 18th.

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Oh god, Yvette would be such an amazing guest on CBB or Spontaneanation. She's funny but also seems like a genuinely amazing person.

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I love Yvette Nicole Brown so much! She's great on everything she's on. And I totally agree with her that I don't think Angelica and Hamilton had an affair. It seems to me they definitely had a close relationship. They corresponded while she was overseas a lot. (But obviously they couldn't have been physically intimate during all that time.) Yet that's when Jefferson starts insinuating that Hamilton is into his sister (in law), which would've been a crime of incest then.


And I think (this is my psychoanalysis) that Jefferson is projecting his own issues--since Sally Hemings was his wife's half sister--onto Hamilton. It also doesn't seem like Jefferson corresponded with a lot of ladies he wasn't trying to sleep with. That was something Walter Isaacson brought up in his biography of Benjamin Franklin too. Franklin corresponded with a lot of women and got a reputation for being a womanizer (and there's no doubt he did have mistresses) but Isaacson proposes that Jefferson and Adams assumed there must've been a sexual interest in these women because they couldn't imagine writing to a lady who wasn't their wife (in Adams' case) or seeking a lady's opinion in general (in Jefferson's).


Plus Angelica was actually already married by the time she met Hamilton.


Oh! And total agreement with Travon about Burr being a real dick. Leslie does give him a lot of humanity he lacks in the history. I believe the Chernow book references a time where he actively duped Hamilton out of money with some water company scheme. And how he married an old lady and spent all her money? Although he did really seem to love his daughter, which is cool considering the above point about how men didn't care about women's opinions that much. Burr wrote to Theodosia all the time. They were tight.


I always post too much.

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