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Episode 32 - All About Cash

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Dear Tom Waits, We look forward to hearing the song you write about this week's caller: falling in love with a stripper, skipping town in a blizzard, a christmas dinner in the demimonde of Boca Raton.

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I have nothing particularly clever to say but THANK YOU CHRIS for upping your game (and the quality of this broadcast). Love you - deeply and truly-- but your podcast has been lackluster (there's a good word for you) since Dublin. "Cash" was great-- and real-- and worth listening to. More like this, Dude, and I will tell effin everyone I know to listen to you (not that haven't really done this already.) Loved this guy--Cash Love your sensitive handling of these fragile people. Keep up the good stuff. (from one of your fans who is still cool at 60!. I wish I could call you and stay anonymous!)

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