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Episode 261 - Sing Along Experiment #2

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Mookie Blaiklock, Anthony Atamanuik, Paul Rust, and Danielle Schneider join Matt Besser for part two of the great Sing A Long Experiment! Songs by Billy Joel, Kenny Rogers, and The Doors inspire scenes about conducting an affair with your drink, a sponge-haired girl on a train, and the cool new trend of storm-riding. Later, we find out why cutlery should be taken a little more seriously and what to do when your boss wants to skype you in college.

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Here's the scene breakdown for this episode:


- (1:10) “Piano Man” - A man pursues an affair with his alcoholic beverage


- (6:16) “Piano Man” #2 – Trying to dress hip and youthful for your son’s bachelor party


- (12:26) “Down Under” – Paul meets some oddly-accented Australians


- (16:49) “Down Under” #2 – A very tall man is sensitive about his measurements


- (21:15) “Sweet Baby James”– Lonely cowboys bother each other with music


- (26:03) “Sweet Baby James” #2 - Captain Sully’s brother seeks danger to compete with his sibling’s success


- (37:16) “Harvest” - Mom values joy in the rain over her own health


- (43:52) “The Gambler” - Hanging out with a sponge-haired girl on a train


- (48:51) “The Gambler” #2 - A gambler gets very pushy about drinking your whiskey


- (52:23) “The Gambler” #3 - Kenny Rogers outlines his plan to fold the cards on life


- (57:54) “Riders on the Storm” - Storm-riding is all the rage amongst teens


- (1:04:06) “Riders on the Storm” #2 - Picking up a murderous hitchhiker just to have a little more fun


- (1:10:49) “Maggie May” - Taking cutlery a little more seriously


- (1:19:50) “Daniel” - When your boss wants to skype you while you’re away at college

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I hope somehow the Master of Inches and Centimeters meets up with the Time Keeper. I feel like that would work out well.

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