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Episode 9 - Samantha Bee: Not Holding Back

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Samantha Bee (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) is the only woman in America with her own late-night television show. "Its really liberating," she tells Katie and Brian. "I don't find it scary at all." She discusses the outrage she summons in order to do her job, how her three young kids prevent her from overthinking things, and her dozen years as a correspondent for The Daily Show. Plus, she swears she wasn't a class clown growing up.

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Very solid ep.


Appreciated the discussion about free speech vs political correctness from these two brilliant women.

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If ever there was "Must See TV' in my house it's Full Frontal. It's the best late night show on the air. Samantha Bee is the funniest, most brilliant comedienne today all wrapped up in one high energy package of adorable.


My only problem is there is far too little of the Bee each week. She should have been hosting The Daily Show (no offense Trevor) so we could see much more of her incredible talents.


But I'm happy with my little morsel each week and hopeful that one day she can come into my home every night.

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