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Peep World

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This movie had a number of great actors and funny people that everyone loves like Sarah Silverman, Ben Schwartz, and Micheal C. Hall. The problem was that it was the most unfunny obvious rip off arrested development ever. It had none of the charm or humor of AD at all. It was bizzare to see these people be so unfunny. If they just told Schwartz to do his parks and rec character for two hours it would have been a great movie but instead some hack wrote the world's worst script and got talented people to be in it. I feel betrayed. The only explanation to how this movie got made is some one must have a well connected rich daddy because there is no way this movie could have gotten made otherwise. It has a 20% rating on RT but I have no idea how it even got that. I paid $2.99 to rent this dvd at blockbuster and it is more embarassing to have rented this then to have gone to an actual Peep World and rented a dvd of lactating midgets fucking horses.

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