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Howard's short lived but brillant "Austin Stories"

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Has anyone ever checked out or remember the criminally under appreciated MTV series Austin Stories.. It was a series Howard co created for Mtv in 1997. It was kinda of like Spaced or Peep Show. it was about a group of 20 somethings living in Austin. It only ran one season, I think in part of the shitty marketing. I remember seeing commercials for it when I was like 12 and i had no clue what the show was, I think the commercials were just an armadillo crossing railroad tracks and they didn't convey at all what the show was about. I made the mistake of looking up the show on Youtube recently and became addicted. Problem is I have to find a way to track down the 5 or so episodes that aren't on youtube. Check it out its really funny, even back Them Howard had a similar type of humor and it's great bit of 90's nostalgia.

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