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Episode 12 - Jesse Tyler Ferguson: A Whole Other Level

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) has had his share of Hamilton adventures, including going backstage with Michelle Obama and singing carpool karaoke with Lin-Manuel Miranda. He tells Travon and Mike about getting from Albuquerque to New York City, shedding tears during "Burn" and why he thinks Eliza is the heart of the show. Finally, we want to hear about your Fantasy Hamilton team. Outside of the originals, who’s in your dream Hamilton cast? Give us a call and tell us at 937-9MYSHOT.

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Shit them going into Eliza's story during "Burn" brought up a lot of feelings I had about my own breakup this year, and it's a main reason why it feels so fuckin' good to really belt it in the car over and over.


The parallels between what Eliza sings and how she reacted to my own relationship was heartbreaking. You do see who someone really is throughout your relationship after it starts to crumble, and I am not the one to stay and deal with that kind of shit. I wasn't treated the way I deserved so in a sense I burnt our letters and I erased him from my life. The upside being that I didn't marry nor have any children with the man so even though I loved him I feel much better about my future lol.


I also have so much respect for Eliza for coming to forgiveness during It's Quiet Uptown.


Gah okay enough word vomit about my personal life, but I guess that just proves how much this musical has touched me, and how much y'all echo my thoughts about how wonderful it is.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I got my call in comment on the show! Super Thrilled! ... except that I called Angelica Peggy ..... my bad. I was so excited.

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