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I have hear the theme song at least 14 of every 15 episode, but I just realize what the singing nymph says about how Rupert Grint be small. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I did some researchings.


Here is picture. I am more confused than ever now that I've saw this. Please note the circles and I will go by them one by one.




As you can see, though it may be hard, the fork and celebratoring eyewear seem to be proportioning to his body. BUT, the trick is when you look at the Sunday ice cream. It is way bigger then what you or I could eat in a sitting, or maybe even two! BUT, maybe it actually are regular of size, and it's just that RUPERT smalls. Maybe it is true and maybe someone made him small eye frames and a tiny pronged utensil.


Is there a jury that's enough to convict here? Should Rupert be allowed to freely move about the earth?


PS Also there are words in the space there and I have never seen floating words, which just confuses me more.

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