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Big McLargehuge

The Kiss (1988)

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In the 80s, we as culture were terrified of the female body, what with the bleeding and the reproduction and the myth of the clitoris, etc. This film is the product of that era. It stars Meredith Salenger from the Journey of Natty Gann, Joanna Pacula from Gorky Park, and Shawn Levy* from Zombie Nightmare, and I SWEAR I'M NOT MAKING ANY OF THOSE CREDITS UP! (©Dave Barry)


OH, and there's a hellcat that receives no explanation or preamble. Just kinda shows up to jump out at people occasionally. It's really stupid looking, so I think you'll enjoy it.


If you want a DVD of this movie, you have to either buy a bootleg which may or may not play or you can shell out several hundred dollars for an actual DVD or you can watch it on youtube.


I recommend NONE of these methods, however. Why? Read on.


Will this movie get covered on the show? Not likely. Is it worth watching? I think so. Is it worthy of the rifftrax treatment? I also think so. What idiot would waste his/her time doing such a thing? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!




The wife and I like making these. I just wish more people watched them. In a different thread, I posted a link to this other riff I made:




I think one of you watched it (which I was thrilled about, really). This time around, CAN WE GET THAT NUMBER TO TWO?! Give me something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and give this riff a chance. Thank you for your time.



*The pony-tailed douche in this movie is a big-time director/producer nowadays. He directed the Night at the Museum trilogy as well as several episodes of Stranger Things, INCLUDING THE ONE WHERE BARB DIES! If you wanna see that guy get mauled to death by a hand puppet, you should really check this thing out.

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