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Episode 264 - Live at Now Hear This Festival with Wild Horses

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The Wild Horses (Lauren Lapkus, Mary Holland and Erin Whitehead) join Matt Besser for a live episode at the Now Hear This Podcast Festival in Anaheim, CA. Their scenes will include only having experiencing kissing the TV, what happens when everyone can hear your internal monologue, and reusing the Hunger Games’ Katniss cleavage for future Halloween costumes. Plus, everyone figures out whether they fall into the millennial or Gen X category.

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Fantastic. Lauren calling back to the Goofy movie story in the costume store was awesome.

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Here's the breakdown for this episode:



(2:22-7:35) Intro Story - Besser’s high school Rocky Horror Picture Show experience - Singing way too fast during a sing-a-long


(7:43 - 16:24) Intro Story - A Goofy Movie was inappropriate for Besser’s daughter - Only having experience with kissing the TV


(16:48 - 20:21) Audience Suggestion - “Internal Monologue” - Sharing your internal narrative out loud


(20:28 - 28:05) Question from Listener - "What’s the worst car accident you’ve been in?" - Catching up an old woman you found in the woods


(30:22 - 36:10) Question from Listener - “What was the worst Halloween costume you ever wore?” - Reusing Hunger Games’ Katniss cleavage for future Halloween costumes


(36:14 - 43:36) Audience Suggestion - “Galaxy Note 7” - Making the magic really easy for the magician


(46:04 - 52:40) Intro Story - Are the performers Millennials or Gen X? - Proving what generation you belong to through cultural references


(52:47 - 59:07) Audience Suggestion - “Stone” - All Matt’s stories come down to rocks


(59:14 - 1:04:15) Question from Listener - “Is there a word or lyric that you always thought you were saying right until someone corrected you?” - Sending your crying soldier off to war


(1:04:28 - 1:09:48) Audience Suggestion - “Pumpkin Pancakes” - Cookies get in the way of finding the New World


(1:09:50 - 1:21:50) Intro Story - Who in the audience is from furthest away? - Interruptions change the context of conversation

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