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A long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away!! now that I think about it, it wasn't really all that long ago ....


Watched all of this movie last night. I saw it the way it was made to be seen. on a 28" tv off of youtube... there is a part in the film when the story just drags on too long. kinda like in the name of the king. the film starts out really good when the Gymkata Kid starts out in trailing and you see some over the top crazy training moves that make no sense at all. I Mean what possible situation would you get into that you would need to stand on your two hands and walk around with them?


My favorite part is the ending! I love the part with the star wars space program. like you need to get permission to place a space lazer over a country. what the fuck!!! it's outer space for christ sake.

I sure hope this is going to be a good podcast I can't wait.

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The lead character never shows ANY emotion. This guy makes Rod from Birdemic seem like an over-acter. He reacts to everything with a blank face.

-My new girlfriend is the daughter of this village's king and betrothed to be married? Blank face.

-This guy that I had bonded with just got murdered? Blank face.

-Spoiler: My dad who I thought was dead has just saved my life? Blank face.

MAJOR SPOILER: My dad who I thought was dead and just saved my life was shot in the chest with an arrow? Blank. Face.

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