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I was listening to Joe Rogan's podcast while at work today and his guest, professor Jordan Peterson, said something so interesting that I had to write it down and now I want to share it here. For the record, he said dozens of interesting things in this podcast, but this part is very relevant to "general podcasting" and so I want to post it here.


"People are much more naturally attuned to listening than they are to reading, because we've only been reading... roughly speaking, in any large numbers, for 500 years, it's a blink of an eye, whereas we've been listening for a very, very long period of time."


I think this is a great endorsement of podcasts and audio content in general, and it's a very interesting way to think of our inclination towards listening rather than reading or staring at a screen. Of course another main difference that he briefly mentions is how you can also do many other things while listening to something, whereas reading requires your full attention. Even though I'm not very good at multitasking, I love podcasts because I can do many other things while listening, learning, laughing and enjoying the audio experience.


What do you think of listening vs reading, fellow podcast and Earwolf enthusiasts?



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I was listening to Bro Jogan talking to some reactionary conservative recently and I started to lose interest - I picked up my ereader and read a bunch of The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton. It was quite enjoyable. Reading > Listening.

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