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Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984)

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In case you need more convincing:

  • This was Ruth Gordon's last movie
  • It's Canadian
  • It's a musical
  • It features Jermaine Jackson

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I happened upon this movie randomly while scrolling through Prime, and the title, short description, and movie image piqued my interest and I was quite frankly kind of shocked I had never heard of it in my life.

It's a sci-fi musical staring Pia Zadora from the early 80's.  It's seriously batshit insane.  Like, they were REALLY going for something...but who knows what the hell they were going for.  I know the fashion would be a great topic, but the overall plot and execution is some crazy weirdness.

Here's the short description:  "Aliens land in the town of "Speelburgh" searching for the source of rock & roll. They find trouble with Dee Dee, Frankie and the pack."


I can say with confidence that it'd be everyone's first viewing of the movie (hosts), because it never got wide release.  But the opening scene has a Jermaine Jackson singing and dancing number!

Seriously.  Everyone stop what they're doing right now and watch this trailer.  Voyage of the Rock Aliens Trailer - Youtube

Then hop on Prime and watch it streaming.  Seriously, this shit is amazing.  I REALLY hope this would be considered for an episode, because I know they'd love it and it'd be a fun conversation.

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