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Episode 271 - Here Comes the Petroleum: Live at UCB Sunset

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Ian Roberts, John Gemberling, and Gil Ozeri join Matt Besser live at UCB Sunset for this week’s improv4humans. Audience questions inspire scenes about fine bathroom art, a greeting card writers’ room, and the world’s leading sexual engineer. Later, they open the very first private McDonalds, and a feudal lord roleplays as one of his filthy peasants.




271 - LIVE @ UCB Sunset w/ Ian Roberts, John Gemberling, Gil Ozeri



(0:45 - 7:11) Intro Story - The Mannequin Challenge (with guns) - Seeking realistic gun pieces for your son


(7:22 - 15:57) Audience Suggestion - “Car” - Attempting to purchase a car that just doesn’t work


(16:33 - 26:54) Question from Listener - "What was the stupidest lie you got caught for?" - A little girl at the window won’t stop ruining everything


(28:46 - 37:49 ) Question for Audience - "What was the worst gift you were given and how did you react?” - Greeting card writer’s room


(37:55 -45:00) Audience Suggestion - “Taxi”- Politeness means you go where the cab driver wants


(45:08 - 56:38) Crap on Youtube - “Invasion of the Sex Robots” - World’s leading sex roboticist lays his sexuality on the line


(56:46 -1:07:31) Crap on Youtube - "Is the moon a planet or a star?" - A class taught on the principle that trees are flowers


(1:07:48 - 1:16:26 ) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Who thinks they’re smarter than Ian? - Letting a vagrant inside your private McDonalds


(1:16:44 - 1:23:55) Let’s Talk Some More About That - How crazy does being rich make you? - A wealthy lord roleplays as a peasant

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For me, one of the most astounding things about this episode is that it featured a final scene that ultimately had to be shut down by Ian Roberts because it was headed in such a horrifying direction, but that -- despite his presence on stage -- the aforementioned vile horror was not being primarily driven by John Gemberling. Who would have ever seen that coming?

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Ian Roberts is funny.


John Gemberling is funny.


Gil Ozeri is funny.


I like this podcast.

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