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#13 James Adomian: The Tom Leykis Radio Program

Hilarious timing on the drops. Gave birth to Pamela from Big Bear, who appeared on later WSGLL episodes, Lauren's episode of Netflix Presents: The Characters, and the 2016 Comedy Bang Bang tour.


#22 Joe Wengert: The California Supreme WinShow

A very light premise, expanded into an hour-long episode by two masters of improv.


#35 Matt Besser: Turing Tests with Caleb Smith

A very well-established premise (following the plot of Ex Machina), where Besser had seen the movie and Lauren probably hadn't.


#40 Brandon Johnson: Ooh Shit! Thats Fashion! with BeLaShange

Insane silliness, Brandon's expertise.


#53 Shaun Diston: The Wishing Well with Skee-Lo

When the person playing Skee-Lo is the more grounded character, you know you've struck gold. Gave birth to Frank Dorito, who appeared on the 2016 Comedy Bang Bang tour and CBB proper.


It's hard to limit it to just five! Special dispensation goes to #42 Big Grande: Teachers' Lounge, which was spun off into its own podcast, the funniest original series on Howl.

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Eps 13 & 22 are among my faves, too.


Ep #33 - Paul F. Tompkins: The North Pod with Santa Claus (Paul F. Tompkins)


Ep #52 - Jon Gabrus: Intern Gino Lambardo's Drive Time Radio Show (Jon Gabrus)


Ep #64 - Eliza Skinner: Post-Apodcastlypse (Eliza Skinner)


Ep #72 - Claudia O'Doherty: I'm Sorry I've Been Catfishing You (Claudia O'Doherty)


Ep #80 - Jason Mantzoukas: What Went Wrong? (Jason Mantzoukas)


B-B-B-BONUUUS-s-s-s picks - North Pod 2, any episode with any or all Wild Horses

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