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Episode 8: Confessions

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In 1965, a series of swift maneuvers by Albert DeSalvo’s attorney, F. Lee Bailey, blocked investigators from closing in on their prime Strangler suspect. DeSalvo was more than ready to talk: he had given investigators nearly 60 hours of recorded confessions. But before fully understanding the crimes DeSalvo had committed, the State of Massachusetts agreed that DeSalvo’s testimony about the murders couldn’t be used against him in court. Host Portland Helmich talks to Bailey about the legal strategy he used to prevent his client from being tried for murder and sentenced to death. We also hear chilling details about the Strangler murders in excerpts from DeSalvo’s recorded confessions. Despite DeSalvo’s ability to recall his crimes in astonishing specificity, a closer look at what he got wrong about the way the murders were committed casts doubt on DeSalvo’s actual guilt.

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