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Episode 107 - Nico Santos of Superstore

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Actor and comedian Nico Santos joins Kevin this week to chat about Denzel's SAG win, attending comedy daycare at the Punch Line, and life in LA as a Bay Area transplant. Then, Nico dishes on the joys of working on NBC's Superstore before the two discuss "Philadelphia" and what it tells us about these trying times.

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Great episode, it's good to hear Kevin get some jabs in at Kamau. Watched Philadelphia after this and I forgot how funny Denzel is in it, when he hand's Dr. J his card I was cracking up! Denzel is perfect as the sleazy lawyer with a heart of gold. Check out the deleted scenes for more great Denzel scenes. You can't help but love him. I also love when they bring on a person with a personal connection to the political aspects of a film, Nico was awesome. It was hilarious that he barely knew any Denzel movies. It speaks to how wide ranging he is though, he's had such a large body of work that he can get people who like romantic movies (Preacher's wife), he can get the action fans (Equalizer, the Tony Scott films), he can get the cinephiles (Mississippi Masala, Malcolm X). Good ass movie man!

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