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Ghost of New Orleans (2017)

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Holy hell.

Today marks the official trailer debut for this movie shot... 7 YEARS AGO!

Yep, 2010. Back when Josh Lucas was already completely irrelevant (was he ever not? #Stealth).

This simple fact should guarantee a place in HDTGM.




I feel an 88 MINUTES meets SAFE HAVEN vibe and Terence Howard always makes me laugh (him and Jeffrey Wright are always trying so hard to get an Oscar nomination no matter what the movie or the part).


The Playlist had this to add:


You can usually smell a troubled production coming from a mile away, and in the case of “Ghost Of New Orleans” (formerly known as “Little Murder“) that stench is pretty powerful. It was shot all the way back in 2010, and at the time, the folks behind the movie were already being accused of stiffing people on their bills. Now, seven years later, it’s coming to theatres via SP Distribution (who?) in association with financial company Tax Credit Finance LLC, which I can only surmise was involved in the movie, and wound up owning part of it along the way. And as you might guess, the finished movie hardly looks like a masterpiece.

And really, that’s a shame considering the cast is pretty good — Josh Lucas, Terrence Howard, Lake Bell, Cary Elwes, Deborah Ann Woll — but they’re stuck in a pretty flimsy little thriller directed by Predrag Antonijevic (us neither).

Here’s the synopsis:

A disgraced detective (Josh Lucas) has a supernatural encounter which leads him to investigate the murder of a beautiful cellist (Lake Bell) that unlocks the truth behind her mysterious death.

“Ghost Of New Orleans” opens in theaters, VOD, and digital HD on February 17th.

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