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Looking for criticism/review or any tips for our new podcast

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Hi, I'm Nick from the podcast group called Sketchy Nonsense.


I gave your podcast a listen (Podcast 5- Unguided Discussion) and it lives up to the name Unguided Discussion.


I kind of like that you guys just go off of each other with no direct path, just one thing leads to another.


I enjoy the part "Truth or Nah" it's great to get facts mixed in to the podcast.


I'll say the beginning started off a bit slow for my taste but it picked up and you guys play devils advocate well enough to keep the conversations going and interesting, such as the part where you discussed hunting in Zimbabwe.


There are a few times I heard the good old "P" pops so if you have a pop filter, move it a bit farther away to keep from getting those pops.


All in all I enjoyed it, like I said I am also from a podcast group called Sketchy Nonsense, you can check us out as well in the link below. We talk about all sorts of things, you can skip the Wrestling ones if you're not interested in that sort of topic but the rest of the podcast are very open ended topic wise. Please give us feedback as well. Thanks & keep it up.


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