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Charlie Murphy Brown

Ehh Wrong, Gmail Roulette, Popcorn Gallery & more (theme audio)

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Here are all the HH segment theme songs & mashups that I've made. Hope you enjoy!


Ehh Wrong https://soundcloud.c...hh-wrong-ntrwvn


Gmail Roulette https://soundcloud.c...roulette-ntrwvn

-used on #63 w Thomas Middleditch


Popcorn Gallery https://soundcloud.c...-gallery-ntrwvn

-used on #40 w Aubrey Plaza, also on a couple other eps


Ehh Wrong (extended) https://soundcloud.c...woven/ehh-wrong


Brandon Content https://soundcloud.c...brandon-content

-w Joe Wengert (#102)


Pastamon https://soundcloud.c...rwoven/pastamon

-w Patrick Walsh (#143)


The Rando-est Thing https://soundcloud.c...rando-est-thing

-w Tom Scharpling


Thanks for listening

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I've got a need, a need for the rando-est thing. (Motorcycle noise)

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