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Episode 279 - Two-Handed Seesaw: LIVE from SF Sketchfest

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Ian Roberts and Jessica McKenna join Matt Besser for a live episode straight from the SF Sketchfest! They take audience suggestions which inspire scenes about hashing out the specifics of butterfly travel, hiding baldness through haircut enthusiasm, and a jockstrap salesman competing with a lemonade stand. Plus, Melania Trump tries to make the internet smaller, and a dying man has very specific musical requests for his caretaker.



279 - LIVE @ SF Sketchfest w/ Ian Roberts, Jessica McKenna



(1:47 - 7:55) Intro Story - The New Yorker cartoon contest - Shitty caption artists


(8:05 - 12:36) Audience Suggestion - "Butterfly" - Dad has to explain everything about butterfly travel to his kids


(12:40 - 18:43) Audience Suggestion - "Parsley" - Trying out the “two-handed seesaw” in the bedroom


(18:47 - 25:16) Question for Audience - "Ever had a partner open you up?" - Date pushed on Ian’s butthole really hard on the first kiss


(27:27 - 33:17) Audience Suggestion - "Combover" - Hiding your baldness by getting really into haircuts/a haircut fetishist


(34:25 - 41:19) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Jessica's earthquake ritual - Actor method acts an earthquake during an audition


(41:24 - 45:45) Audience Suggestion - "Skateboard" - Drill sergeant uses fingers to simulate basic training for army recruits


(45:52 - 49:16) Audience Suggestion - "Jockstrap" - A jockstrap stand competes with a lemonade stand


(49:19 - 54:15) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Don’t think of the pink elephants - Trying to ignore the nipple on your friend's face


(54:20 - 59:30) Audience Suggestion - "Trump" - Melania's first anti-bullying speech focuses on making the internet smaller


(59:35 - 1:04:05) Audience Suggestion - "Poetry" - A strip club has a very vague “more” offer for extra money


(1:04:09 - 1:08:27) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Besser started out doing stand up at a strip club - Mistaking a bank for a strip joint


(1:08:28 - 1:13:24) Audience Suggestion - "Mousetrap" - Doing the right thing means putting on a Nazi uniform to stomp on mice


(1:13:28 - 1:19:12) Audience Suggestion - "Hospice" - A dying man abuses his death-accompanist

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At the risk of stating the obvious, Jessica McKenna is fantastic.


The "Now all I can think about is mini-bikes" turn/call-back was so perfect.

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That guy on the Oscars pre-show saying "Hidden Fences" was 100% the pink elephant/white bear thing.

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thank you all!! i look forward to the new episode of I4H each week, and it always delivers. just hearing ian's voice begin to talk and i'm already giggling.

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