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So for my final year project at uni I decided I'd make a fictional podcast series and I would love for you guys to listen and give me some feed back with your honest thoughts about the show.


It's a mystery/whodunit series that centres around the disappearance of an Internet Celebrity and her best friend's attempts to figure out what happened to her.


Each episode is between 10 and 20 minutes and all four are available to listen so feel free to binge it all!


I'd really appreciate some honest feedback, don't be afraid to be harsh, either. If you think it's awful, tell me why you think so. I'll leave the link below and I hope to hear from some of you soon!



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I really appreciate the attention to detail such as the ambient music and the little sound effects that just add that much depth to the background. This makes it seem like a high end radio drama type of thing, which I personally love.


I think the narration is well done and fits the story as well


On the nit picky side, I feel like *some* of the inflections the actors used sometimes came off a bit bland and flat. My fictional podcast suffers from that as well in fairness. Fixing that comes in doing it more and more I have found. Getting the voice actors to be more comfortable with sounding less like the are just reading off of a paper can sometimes be hard. Most of the actors do well though. Also I will admit I am american so the difference in our accents could effect my judgment a bit.


In Chapter 3 when the main character is getting interviewed of the whereabouts of Harmony it feels off from the other scenes not having any ambient noise in the background. I feel like even something like an AC unit hum could help benefit this scene. Also 2 scenes later when they run in to Tia and Harmony's boyfriend, something like a TV in the background would help out.


In Chapter 4 the twist is well done granted the end result leaves me wanting more from the ending.


With all that said I think this was done very very well. Way more pros than cons and I think you should keep pursuing this.


You can check out my fictional podcast which is a comedy in the link below and I would love you have YOUR feedback. It's best to listen to it from episode 1 so you get all the jokes. I will admit the first episode isn't great. Beware it is a bit NSFW with language. I look forward to hearing from you.



Thanks for the great content,

Nick from Sketchy Nonsense

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