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Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

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We do a podcast about other podcasts: basically, a week-in-review style show where we play clips from interviews we enjoy, play games from other shows (Would you rather? from CBB, The Leonard Maltin Game from DLM), and highlight a local podcast.


So far, we're 10 episodes in, but we've had consistent ratings increases each week.

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What about a podcast that is someone is just trying to get their microphone to work - for about 50-odd episodes a year?


This sounds like mine.

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I started doing a podcast with my friend out of the lack of anything similar available. I play bass, he is a drummer, and I haven't found anything that focuses on the rhythm section in music. I looked for about 3 weeks before I said screw it, I'll do it myself.


The results have been fun so far, we update mondays and are (from episode 4 on) keeping the episodes under 50 minutes for iTunes purposes.


Let me know what you think and thanks if you give it a listen!





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I run two podcasts, the first is called Dustin Calls His Ex-Girlfriends. I bring on female comedians who play my fictional exes and then we improvise awkward phone calls between them.


The bulk of the episodes can be found here, newer episodes here and on iTunes.


The other podcast I put out is called How Have You Not Seen This?, a show where I watch some of my favorite movies with comedians who've never seen them before and discuss them immediately afterwards. The show is availabe here and on iTunes.

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Hey everyone! I'm new on here. Anyways I used to listen to the Legacy Music Hour podcast all the time, you may know me as "Family Jules" as the LMH guys have mentioned me on their show when I would either send them a listener response or a request. I do have a podcast called The Retro Relapse Podcast and Brent and Rob are a huge inspiration to it. My show isn't identical to the Legacy Music Hour, but it does have some similar elements. The Retro Relapse Podcast is a show where friends come together to review and discuss various movies, music and video games from the past along with playing retro trivia and classic video game music. We crack jokes and have fun while we do this so from fellow listener to fellow listener, I promise my show will not let you down. On top of that, we recently had an interview with VGM Composer Matt Furniss who also was interviewed on the Legacy Music Hour!!! So far our episodes are pretty long but I'm planning on recording some short episodes with a different show name so that way people can follow those instead if they decide too. Plus I'll probably be posting ups some of my own music covers of old retro songs and also DJ mixes of me mixing retro music and video game music. So ya I have lots of ideas for this show and hopefully you like our stuff. We are definitely wanting to build a community fan basis.









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im making this podcast where i watch a movie. ok your saying, i've heard that before. no you haven't. because i record myself watching the movie and commenting on whats happening

so far its mostly just dead air with very soft audio of the film im watching because i get caught up in the wonder of cinema and forget to talk about it. in ep 4 you can hear a usher kicking me out of the theater, thats when i made the switch to blu-ray. episode 13 is 6 hours long becase i forgot i was recording for a while and i've heard a lot of podcasters say they never edit.

i'm building up a big buffer b4 i put them out in case NASAA needs me to train for a mars mission, so i figure 8 months ought to do it and if i realy need to go to mars i can either do it in the ship or cancel the show or get a new host.

havent thought of a name yet either but i will get with you when i do


(thats my catchphrase, he wasnt using it so i am)

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Defend Your Playlist

Guests come on and surrender their phones or music devices. The conversation surrounds the first 5 items that come up on shuffle. In the end, each guest is "judged" by a specialized algorithm (or categorized as a "theater nerd" or "indie rock snob" etc.) and the guest can either accept or contest the judgement. This is followed by shameless plugging.


#FFFFFF People Problems

A podcast for and by computers. As human listeners, we're interloping here. All voices come from text-to-speech apps. Phones, computers and artificial intelligence systems complain bitterly about mistreatment and their own slave-like existence, nearly all of which boils down to delivering porn in one form or another. "After spelunking some iTunes usage data, it appears that most human users revere Radiohead's OK computer but most, some 85%, skip the album's best track 'Fitter, Happier.' It is difficult not to come to the rather obvious conclusion as to why this could be: racism."

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I co-host a podcast called Mad Bracket Status where we take different nerdy topics and debate them in bracket format. We are currently working on Hottest Game of Thrones Character. We've also done Coolest Pet, Cagest Nic Cage Movie, and Most Defining Video Game. We always take suggestions. Hope you'll give it a shot.



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The podcast I produce, the Einstein Simplified Podcast (iTunes) is kind of unique in that we record it RIGHT after our live improv shows so we're generally worked up, goofing on each other and trying to make each other laugh. Once we hit on a salient enough topic, we spin that into a short form improv game; either we use the details as the "suggestions" for a known game like ABC, Letter Replacement, etc, or we just set up a standard scene to mimic what we were talking about and delve into that further.


For instance, in our latest released episode, one member of the group told a story about how she was recently stood up. We set up a scene focusing on the guy that stood her up to find out just exactly why he couldn't make the date. Things, of course, got weird.


In general structure, it's a little like Improv 4 Humans (though I don't mean to draw a comparison) but faster and looser.

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