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A musical-comedy starring Luciano Pavarotti in his only acting appearance.


"A famous opera singer, Giorgio Fini, loses his voice during an American tour. He goes to a female throat specialist, Pamela Taylor, whom he falls in love with."


2 Oscar nominations for John Williams, 1 Golden Rasberryw nod for Pavarotti.


It's not funny. He's a truly terrible actor. It's opera-comedy.



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I saw the poster for it on the list of upcoming shows, and I can’t get past how they’re not even almost looking into each others’ eyes on that poster. She’s staring at his chin, and he’s either looking at her nose or off into the distance somewhere. It’s like someone just cut together two separate photos of them and the artist drew that as-is without realizing they were supposed to change it.


Also, I like how the site seems to have found the only photo of the only remaining poster of it, a wrinkled-up relic from ithe movie’s original run in 1982. Tells you how much love that movie got afterwards.


And that’s not even getting into the question of “How much of the movie does the opera singer star not have a voice for?” Conventional writing structure would say “Only at the very beginning and end.” If so, oof!

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