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Episode 122 — Shanghaied by Irene

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I think Zach is funny as hell. He's great in movies and he's great in stand-up. But his "I don't really want to be here, not going to put forth much effort into participating" schtick that he does on podcasts (specifically this one and Doug's) strike me as being a little tired. His energy, or lack thereof, felt like an anchor on the show. People had to keep prodding him to get involved, or at least stay awake. It was like that the last time he was on CBB. It was a funny episode whenever he did get involved, but just felt kind of flat when he didn't. Reading over the previous comments I see most people didn't feel that way. But...the heart wants what the heart wants. (Or something to that effect.)


I completely agree! Everyone's having fun at a CBB party, but he's in a corner, sighing, eating cheese puffs, being a party-pooper.

Whenever he's on the show, I feel kinda uncomfortable but not in a good, comedy-indunced, that's-what-he-was-going-for kind of way. I think that in some earlier episodes he even sighs before answering questions and it just seems so off for this podcast.


On the other hand, PFT is unbelievable, top notch in this one, especially when poking fun at Zach. No words to describe how much he amazes me. I was really sad that nobody wished him a happy birthday except Scott. If I were in that band, I would have immediately started playing Happy Birthday!

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