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Episode 170 - How Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos Are Playing You

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It's become your daily morning ritual. Wake up. Open Twitter. And here come's your fix. It's something like, "Trump Surrogate Says Jews in the Holocaust Didn't Have it So Bad!" and you're off to the races. How could he!? Do they know how insensitive that is!? And so on, and so forth until tomorrow, when it's something else. It's the rage machine and it exists on both sides.


For every "Trump Eats Steak Well Done With Ketchup," you see on on the left, folks on the right will see something like "Communist Sympathizer Lena Dunham Thinks Pedophiles Should Teach Kindergarten." And the big secret is: both sides are getting played. The nonstop outrage engine is a contrivance, a counterfeit system made by people trying to profit off notoriety, and fueled by humanity's physiological addiction to anger. We hate it. And we love it. And we can't fucking stop.


On this week's podcast, Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked editors Jason Pargin (aka David Wong), Katie Golden and Alex Schmidt to break-down how the non-stop rage machine works, who's profiting from it, and why this snake eating its tail is so addictive to the human psyche.




Article: Cracked: 5 Ways to Stay Sane in an Era of Non-Stop Outrage: https://goo.gl/yQ5qan


Article: Cracked: 7 Creepy Ways Corporations Are Turning You Into an Addict: https://goo.gl/nbQJhb


Cracked Podcast: Why the Food Industry is Evil: https://goo.gl/QsCyyC


Article: The New Yorker: The Hell You Say: https://goo.gl/1qOLI0


Article: Rand Corporation: The Russian Firehose of Falsehood Propaganda Model: https://goo.gl/CmrBJe



Check out our new series ' After the Trump ' on Cracked: https://goo.gl/dDcGWZ

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It wasn't just "some guy" saying people would have to choose between healthcare and an iPhone, it was a sitting US Representative trying to pass the bill that would greatly increase the difficulty for poor people to get healthcare.

Pargin was really reaching this time to push his "calm down, nothing is as bad as it seems" schtick

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