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(other) Comedy Podcasts?

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The Great HH Boys have transformed my sense of humor. I need some more heady, 'dope as frick' comedy podcasts to get me through my day - because not a lot of the other EarWolf stuff is doing it for me lately.


Not at all looking for something that mimics the HH style, because that isn't possible, but do you fellow comedy-nerds (loud and proud, honey) have any suggestions for underrated comedy podcasts?


Thank you in advance :^)


With love

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here is a selection of podcasts I endorse that are not on the earwolf network, in descending order of how long the title is when rendered in the earwolf.com forums edit box (14pt Arial) and that's literally the only order applied to this list (although it's appropriate that Gelmania is at the end because it's long dead and kinda hard to find these days):


My Brother, My Brother and Me (also The Adventure Zone)

Podcasts Are Wonderful

Chapo Trap House

Uhh Yeah Dude


The Dollop



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be prepared to feel let down when you realise all the other ones aren't as good

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He don't want none unless you got some BEEF SON! BEEFY got back.

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You look nice today sadly stopped years ago, but hollywood handbook is the closest thing I ever found to it, and vice versa.




give it at least one episode, there are a lot of similarities.


honorable mention for My Brother My Brother and Me / The Adventure zone (but they're nothing like hh).

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My Brother, My Brother, and Me (ur best bet)


Mike and Tom Eat Snacks




Special Guest w/ Lauren Lapkus


Comedy Bing Bang Bean Bag Bane Boon


Jordan Jesse Go




Of course the boys' original podcast The Reality Show Show on Howl


HH is #1


remember all guest based podcasts will be garbage at times (except HH)

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