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Longtime Fan New Time Poster with a couple ?s

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First Time Long time.. A number of thoughts and questions Here:


ok 1st. so basically even though it is still a pretty underground podcast , HH OWNS hollywood and is the premiere insiders' podcast when it comes to movies/entertainment as well as the comedy/podcasting and content industry. We know Sean and Hayes understand The Industry in Hollywood, aka La La Land, as well as any one and are able to speak on it while also cleverly snubbing some of the insider LA tendencies we all know of.


however.. i feel compelled to write in because the world has changed in many ways. Hollywood is the bad guys now and there are New Revolutions on the horizon that threaten to totally upend the established power structures that the HH have spent a career mastering.. these new global revolutions seem to be focused on two cities..


first of course, the big elephant in the room (clearly scott aukerman wont let people say anything bad about trump because of what ever shady funders he works with) is Trump. Yes, ladies in gentleman , The Commander in Chief. Like him or not, this guy is the DealMaker in chief, and these days the biggest deals are clearly not coming out of hollywood - or even New York City- but out of Washington and Whit House South, Maralago. Whether HH or you or I agree with Trump's policies, how does his New Order and War on Hollywood and the Media, along with Making Mar a Lago the Hottest spot right not affect the Industry ? Could all of the jews, gays, communists, SJWs in hollywood come aorund to get in Big Big trouble if Trump can prove that they are Un-American? remember Trump knows the Tabloid game as well as anyone and we dont know what pictures he has on who etc.


Further more witll Trump deregulate podcasting laws and allow Scott Aukerman to ratfuck them even more? listening to back episodes it is clear he is an abusive boss and they are getting a seriously raw deal. Has anyone heard anything about unionizing at Earwolf? sean and hayes are already on a grueling schedule and getting run into the ground... it reminds me of what the record labels did to bands back in the day.. fucking evil.


my last question relates to the new Punk Rock Podcasting movement coming out of Downtown Brooklyn New York... These twitter guys all discovered podcasting and are now starting to get Deals ( and all of the perks that come with it).. i predict they will crash and burn.. they dont understand that content creation is an art.. your politics can be good, you can be cool, you can be funny , you can be nice, but you have to learn your craft, and twittering is NOT content. but yea curious as to Sean and Hayes if they feel anythig about these New York Punk podcasts (Chapo trap house et al).. probably not even big enough to be worth mocking and i think it will fade.. but we said that baout Punk too and Rap... ya never know...


times are very uncertain right now and there defintiely are new revolutions on the horizon, all i can say is HollyWeird is abotu to get HollyWeirder and i thoguh i know Sean and Hayes are insiders and have movies to their name, in the scheme of Hollywood they are still little guys if the LA Podcast Bubble Pops and scott's shady investments catch up or the new york scene overtakes hollywood or trump and bannon might even try to blacklist hte boys if they know too much .. god im just freaking out thingking about all of this shit and i needed to post and share it.


thanks guys sorry to write so much


Professor of cultural and media studies Shane Lucas Brady

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